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About New Hope Village 4 Veterans

Our Organization

New Hope Village 4 Veterans is an organization founded in the principles of sharing and providing an helping hands to all Americans that served our country domestically and abroad, defending the freedom and Democracy Principles established by our founding fathers.
We work with many organizations State wide such as JROTC program in Irvington N.J.;  ALJBS; American Legion; DAV; VFW; Operation Sisterhood; Essex County Homeless Veteran Committee; National Homeless Veterans; Welcome Home Vets; Prodigal Sons &  Daughters Redirection Services; American Legion Jersey Boys State (ALJBS); Jennifer Myers at the Newark Regional VA office; and  Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake.
As an organization working as a nonprofit for the past ten years, we manage to orient and serve our brothers and sisters on arms to get the proper help they need thru our vast network.
We are experienced and had learned that this is just the beginning of us serving others.


Our Mission

We have pledge to serve the growing population of  Military personnel joining yearly the American Legion, starting in our home state and spread the same through the whole nation, the basic needs for the heroes that had exposed their lives for the freedom or our nation.
Services such as:

  • Housing:  Decent accommodations with all the required comfort, to make easier his/her integration to the Civilian life.

  • Mental Health: The right counseling services and medications required for the Combat

  • Family Counseling: To help our veterans to integrate them to their families and make stronger families

  • Education Services: Provide to our military with the adequate training to maintain a   decent lifestyle.

  • Job Referrals Services: Working with Local and Governmental agencies as well as Private Companies in placing our Vets.

  • Nursing and Preschool Services: For the working parents with Preschool Children.

Why we are different than other Organization

New Hope Village 4 Veterans has more than ten years providing services the military Community working day in and day out thru the ordeals facing the limitations our Governmental system and  apathy in the process faced because is being handled by a Civilian that is innocent and ignore the importance of the services requested means to him/her and family.
We can expedite and make process easier and painless for our peers, because we are part of them.
We do not do it because we must, we do it because we want to help...



92 Melville Place - Irvington, NJ 07011

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